Wanderings To Other Rose Links

Take a stroll among some wonderful gardens that have great rose pictures or other helpful information.

Our local society has a great website, and if we can grow roses in this cool northern California coastal climate, anyone can! HumboldtRose.org

The American Rose Society at http://www.ARS.org - Celebrating over a century of promoting the wonders of growing and exhibiting roses.

The All-American Rose Selections - a non-profit research group to guarantee you get great varieties to grow by their designation of AARS winners each year.

Heritage Roses Group - International group formed in the 1970s to promote and preserve Old Garden Roses.

The Heritage Rose Foundation is a non-profit ogranization established in 1986, devoted to the preservation of old roses.

Edible Roses - Recipes we've collected using the World's Favorite Flower.

Bugman (Baldo Villegas
), Entomologist/ARS Consulting Rosarian, great rose pictures and info on rose diseases and bugs, both good guys and bad guys in the rose garden http://www.sactorose.org/rosebug/

The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden
- largest rose garden in the western hemisphere with over 4000 roses. Maintained entirely by volunteers with support from the city of San Jose http://www.HeritageRoses.US

HelpMeFind.com/Roses - A fabulous (probably the world's best) collection of rose info: breeders, history, retailers for a particular variety, photos, etc.

Humboldt County Farm Bureau - Janet's on the Board of Directors helping to promote and protect our local agricultural past, present and future

RosariansCorner.com - a full service website for rose growers and rose exhibitors

Problems with deer eating your roses?  We got our fencing from Fickle Hill FenceTell them you heard about them from us!

We've been really happy with what we sent from California Organic Flowers

123Greetings for e-cards:  http://www.123greetings.com/flowers/roses/

Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities

The History of the Rose from the University of Illinois Extension Office

Rose Color Meanings from the Morrison Gardens

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