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We, like you, know what it's like to deal with customer service, place an order, wait in anticipation, and then either be elated with the product or disappointed in it. We are not in the business of moving plants at any cost. Owner and husband Tracy grows and ships healthy plants that we would like to receive ourselves, and we hope that they will make our customers very happy. As a husband and wife business your whole experience with us determines our reputation. It's just the two of us, well...and the pets.
Above is a typical example of a Weeks bare root rose that we ship. Since roses can be grown own-root or grafted, and shipped bare-root or in a variety of different sized pots, we feel it's very important to show what we ship so you know what you're getting for your money,
before the box arrives. Tracy is quality control and packer so you can be assured of our guarantee that the roses will be healthy when they arrive, true to variety and able to take off if our planting instructions are followed.   

    For the thousands of roses we've grown and sold we're honored to have received unsolicited emails and cards, some of which are quoted below.  Each year there are more choices for your rose nursery purchases. If you choose to order from us we will do everything possible to make your experience as positive as the ones mentioned below.


Tracy and Janet Sclar
Amity Heritage Roses (mailorder)

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My husband received a tawny tiger today as a gift. He is an avid rose grower, this one making 31 plants now. First off, we were both amazed by the condition it arrived in! There was one bloom that smelled heavenly! My mother has purchased roses for my husband online thru catalogs she has received, and I am sorry to say they arrived in very poor condition! just a plant with no root ball in a plastic bag. My husband loves a challenge and has managed to save a few.
To say he was floored by the plant he got today is an understatement. We have been through your website and see so many varieties we are thinking of ordering. I am so glad our friend Julia found this site. And thanks to you also for such a beautiful rose!
S.K. (RI 5/09)

I have decided to replace some Rainbow Knockouts that have been struggling, with more Teeny Bopper. Your plants that I got last week are outstanding and healthy! Thanks! J.M. (TX 4/09)

I ordered 3 bareroot roses from you in late February . . . when they arrived they were probably the finest rose stock I have ever seen--very large, beautifully branched plants with enormous root systems.  Am now back for 'Dainty Bess' (own-root band) (and of course, a couple of others that caught my eye!)...
CJ (MO 3/09)

AHR note: Thank you Weeks Roses for sending us such great bareroot plants this past Winter to sell!

Hello Janet,
Just wanted to let you know about winter hardiness of Camille Pisarro & Henri Matisse here in Zone 5 central Illinois.
Last January we had a stretch of -22F days, and I was concerned about these two plants since this was their first
winter. They were planted on the south side of the house, and the only winter protection they had received were
piles of dried miscanthus grass.

I uncovered them last week, and it appears while they both suffered cane dieback to the ground (which I
fully expected), they both survived. Henri had more green cane than Camille; about 1" or so. I did find
one green new basal break on Camille, so it appears she is alive as well.

Not only are these two beautiful roses, but tough as well. I'm very pleased with their performance and the
quality and size of the roses that you sent, which truly helped them survive such a brutal winter.
Best regards,
T.C. (3/09)

On our grade #1 bareroot roses shipping February 2009 for the first time: 
"My two roses arrived today in excellent order, thank you very much. They look great, with plenty of good roots.
Thank you very much,
Fallbrook California (2/09)"

Janet, my 4 roses arrived yesterday in PERFECT condition.  thank you, and I will be a repeat buyer.
N.V. (TX 7/08 referred by E.V. in CA)

Thank you for such a healthy looking plant.
I will follow the instructions included with the plant.
I didn't expect four fat buds on such a nice plant!
P. B. in IN (7/08)

Hi, I received my roses today, and I've gotta say, the plants are amazing! The size of them, the fact that they have buds on them - I'm impressed.. The only thing I wanted to know was if you sprayed them with pesticides or anything, because the "sunstruck" has a lot of little black bugs on the undersides of every leaf. I think they are aphids, but I'm not sure. Should I spray them? The buds on each plant is a bit droopy, and I don't want to damage my new rose bushes....
N.M. (CT 7/08)

Hi N..:

I'm glad they've arrived in reasonable shape.  Yes, aphids love lush new growth as much as customers do (and for some nurseryman's headache trivia, they are born already pregnant!), but if they are dark I'm guessing that they are dead as they are mostly green when alive on the roses.  Tracy uses mostly Safer Soap to deal with the aphid issue, and he has been known to take a toothbrush to the buds to clean them off before shipping.

Give your plants a good drink of water, follow the planting guide included with the shipment, and if you want to you can wash off the aphid bodies with gentle water spray or just a wet hand.  Even if they're alive (newborns from the time in transit) you can follow the same procedures, or get some mild dish soap and water mix or buy some Safer Soap and spray them.  I apologize for less than perfect presentation.  Let me know if you have further questions.

Thanks again, Janet

Are you kidding? I'm not complaining - This is the best order of roses I've ever received! Usually I get twigs, but the roses you sent are full and have buds. I don't expect that you guys are bug free where you are,(that's just plain crazy! ) I just wanted to know what to do. I appreciate everything you both have done and all of the extra time you gave me by emailing me back and forth. I look forward to buying from you again. Thank you!
Hi N..:

Thanks.  The aphids certainly wouldn't be interested in sticks in pots either, with no luscious leaves to suck on.  I suppose if we were bug-free that would mean there would be no good bugs either and that would severely cut down on my entertainment in the garden.  I'm about to blog on the ant vs earwig battle I witnessed last week (tho in that case I don't really consider either of them good bugs), but ladybugs and lacewing and their instar stages are pretty fascinating....

Tracy confirmed that those are dead aphids, but in case any one of them is alive you'll have some babies to deal with shortly, so you can still follow the directions if some show up.

Thanks again and happy gardening - both the good and the bad.


I received my rose plant today - in excellent condition.  It looks great - already in the ground.  Lucky for us - Arizona is actually getting rain right now .  I so appreciate how well the plant was packed.  Thank you!

P. S. (AZ 7/08)

Hello again,
  This email is just, to let you know, that the rose plants, was received today. In very good conditions. My mother was very happy.
Thanks again.
J.R. (7/08)
ps. you got friends in Puerto Rico

Thank you so much! I have called and left my visa info...Thank you for all of the correspondence, you were so helpful, this was so painless-- and you have such a wonderfully detailed and helpful web site. Keep up the good work!
Thanks again,
N.M. (CT 7/08)

I just wanted to let you know that the roses arrived yesterday.  They are gorgeous and very healthy!  These are by far the best roses I've purchased!  

Thank  you very much!

R. T. (MD 6/08)

My order arrived today--fresh, moist and green.  Best plants I ever got mailorder-own root.  I look forward to doing more business in the future.  J.R. (SC 6/08)

My roses arrived yesterday in perfect condition and they look wonderful. Thank you for these great plants.

I had ordered the lemon zest last fall from ______ not knowing that their plants now come from the east coast.  They arrived black and not even one quarter the size of yours - basically they were already all but dead.  I'm glad I was able to find you on the web and will not hesitate to recommend you to others.

Thank you,  M.V. (OR 6/08)


Hi Janet.  It's Wednesday the 4th of June.  I just wanted to let you know the Amber Queens arrived about an hour ago, they're open, they are so gorgeous, and they're all in great shape, beautifully packed, and so on.  I am just thrilled and they were well worth waiting for.  I just hope I can do them justice in my eastern garden.  I'm delighted.  I didn't realize that they also are fragrant so when I opened the box the buds, and open blooms - the fragrance was just so lovely.  I will certainly be ordering from you again.  Thank you.  I hope to have great success with these.

MM (NJ 6/08 - via voicemail)

Dear Tracy and Janet,
     I am only buying roses from you,from now on! I am so impressed with the way you shipped my 4 roses. We did end up having FROST on May 28
and 29, but the plants are in good shape and growing nicely. Thanks again for your extra care, Tracy! I am your total fan!!!!  Sincerely,  D.E. (NY 5/08)

Hi, Janet. 
I received my order yesterday and could not be more pleased! What beautifully healthy plants! Your website guarantee mentions instructions that were supposed to be enclosed, but there were none in the box. Can you email them to me?  S.P. (FL 5/08)  FYI: The Planting Guide is in the pouch on the outside of the box.

Roses arrived today, am really pleased with the quality of the plants.   I stopped ordering plants from catalogs a few years ago because of the quality and failure rate.   I will be sure to pass your address along to my friends and can't wait to show off the Judy Garland rose.........I will be one proud rose lover.  I only wish I had found you before filling my gardens with run of the mill roses.   R.B. Mesa, AZ (5/30/08)

Hi,  roses came today,  5-6-08 tuesday,  and they are planted in the ground already.  Thank you for the rebate,  although I probably would not have criticized the size of the rose,  they both were healthy ..that's what counts.  I often recommend to people where to get roses since I am really into roses..I consider myself somewhat more knowledgable than the average person,  and I will certainly recommend you as a place to purchase roses,  so your rebate certainly will come back many times over in advertising.  I like the way they were shipped,  they were easy to plant,  and now let's just hope I do my job and take care of them over the next 20 or 30 years or more!  thank you again,  Pat Dailey  ....If you need a recommendation,  you are welcome to use me.  P.D. (FL 5/08)

I received my roses today.  They are beautiful!

Thank you,

J. R. (TX 4/08)

Hi, Janet --

I just wanted to let you know that my roses arrived a few days ago and they look perfect, as usual.  I was a little worried at first because the post office took five (5!) days to deliver the package.  I'm only 200 miles away from you.  Your wrapping and packing methods are so superb, though, that the roses weren't hurt at all by the delay.  Four of them were in bloom in the box and even the blooms were perfect. 

I love your nursery.  I just recommended it again in the DG rose forum as the best place on the Web for own-root roses.  (E.V. Northern CA 4/08)

Hi Janet,

D.G. (Central CA 4/08)

Gorgeous healthy plants.  I'll tell all my garden buddies!  (J.T. San Jose, CA  4/08)

I purchased two roses (Betty Boop & Home Run) last year from you.  They have grown into beautiful bushes.  And since I was in the market for another rose, you were the first to come to mind!  Thank you.  S.H. (WA 11/07, on order for 2008)

Dear Janet and Tracy,

I just wanted to thank you guys for the roses. They arrived in perfect condition and have settled into the garden beautifully. They are without doubt the best ownroot roses I've ever received. The roots are phenomenal!

Your Ophelia is already larger than my 2-year old Ophelia that I've had in the ground for a year. She arrived in bud and is putting out perfect blooms. The trip didn't set her back at all!

Sincerely, S.A. (AZ 10/07)

Just wanted to let you know that my roses came today and they are in great shape.  Each one has several buds that will likely open in a few days!  Thank you so much for such good product and service.  I know that I will enjoy these for years on my new farm.  In the meantime, they are going into slightly bigger pots for the next year.   I will wait until buds have matured and opened before disturbing them.  They are doing great.

Have a wonderful weekend, and relax after the rush.  J.G. (NC 8/07)

Dear Janet and Tracy,
Wanted to Thank you for the Roses. They are exceptionally good looking, healthy plants. Looking forward to planting them this week and enjoying their long life of blooms in the coming years.    Sincerely,   M.S. (WA 8/07)

Just a note to let you know that all roses arrived in great condition...they are happily sitting on the patio (in partial shade) getting acquainted with their new environment. The buds are opening.  One of these little guys did lose a small cluster of leaves yesterday, but I just removed them and all still looks great.
I really appreciate the time and effort that went into packing and shipping, all the painstaking detail that went into getting them to me. What a marvelous job.  Can't wait to order more in December. Hope you guys enjoy some much deserved time off.
Warm Regards, (L.B. CA 8/07)

I can’t remember sending you guys an email to tell you what a happy customer I am, this may be your second but I’m so happy I can’t help it. I purchased a Blue Moon for my mom, my first on-line plant purchase, about 2 months ago. I AM SO VERY PLEASED!!!!! The Blue Moon arrived in a couple of days – pretty impressive for a cross-country trek. The roses were in perfect condition – even packed in a nice container that can be reused & looks good – nothing like the cheap ones you get from the local nurseries. The rose had so much new growth when it arrived and has grown to almost twice its original size since she’s had it (about 2 months). I have never had the pleasure of buying a plant that was obviously loved & well taken care of, I cannot believe how healthy it was when it got to us. It also had a beautiful card with the requested note attached. I want to thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to give my best friend/mom the best gift possible. I will be purchasing from you again and again, and again, and again. You are wonderful & you have one extremely HAPPY customer!
Your Friend in FL, A.C. (summer 2007)

Hi there.  I hate to complain but I was extremely disappointed in the roses you sent.  The root system is quite weak and the plants are extremely immature.  If I saw them at a local nursery I would not have bought them.  What should I do--i haven't planted them yet.  G.B. (CA 7/07)
our reply:

Hi ______:

I am sorry you were  disappointed in your order.  Have you ordered own-root roses before, and did you see the photos of the kinds of plants that we sell on our website?  Own-root roses are not grown and sold like grafted roses that you would buy at your local nursery, and in fact the plants that we ship are usually a lot larger than own-root roses from other mailorder nurseries, and also larger than the photos that we publish, as attested to by the many compliments that we get from our customers.

Did you find the purple planting guide on your box envelope?  I will forward another copy to you in case you didn't read it.  Please follow the directions carefully and your plants will grow to their mature size in 2-3 years.  Our roses typically have roots sticking out the bottom of the pots, whereas own-root roses from other companies have tiny roots that barely fill the top 1/3 of those same band pots.  Again, these are not grafted roses that are field grown with large understocks, like the bareroot roses at your nursery.  Here's the link on our site to the difference between own-root and grafted roses .  I think it will help you understand what you purchased, and then please feel free to contact me if you have other questions.

Thank you again,

Janet Sclar
Amity Nursery

Dear Tracy and Janet,

Just to let you know, the little darlings arrived in fine order, and after resting for a couple of days were ready to jump into their freshly made beds!!  The Queen of the Violets came out of her box already blooming! The "What a Peach" is open today, and the French Lace has three large buds!!

I'm very pleased with the quality of the roses you sent! It's interesting that some of the mail order houses I do business with don't like to ship in mid summer, but your roses arrived after our nasty, three week old  heat wave broke, looking just fine after their adventure, and very simply and efficiently packed. (Thank you for not sending those awful styrofoam noodles!!)

I know bare root is less expensive to ship, but I ordered one barefoot this past spring from  another very reputable nursery and the poor thing just looked like a dead stick, up until about 3 weeks ago (May to mid-July!!) Not exactly an asset to my rose garden!

On the contrary, the roses you sent instantly made my garden the blooming success every one hopes for!

Thank so much for your hard work!! It certainly paid off here!  Sincerely,  J.S. (CO 7/07)

The rose plants were received this week.  Every one happy.   My step mother was most impressed with the condition and method of shipping the rose!!!  And she's very hard to please.   She's looking forward to them blooming.
Thank you, R.C. (NV 7/07)

Hi Tracy and Janet,

Neptune, Angel Face, and Fragrant Cloud arrived yesterday in excellent condition.  I am delighted by
the plants and your excellent service.  Thank you so much!

Thank you again. Y.N. (Central CA 7/07)

I'm embarrassed this thank you note is so late but I just wanted you and Tracy to know you have new best friends in Studio City, So. Cal.!!  Wow, the 2 "Adam" tea roses you sent were beautiful, healthy and arrived safely, and so well protected!  I can't thank you enough and I passed your prayers and wishes onto our neighbors, they were so very appreciative and moved.  They never knew there was a rose named after their son and how they were such a perfect, special gift.

So I thank you and they thank you and now you are on my favorites page!

All my best, K.D. (SoCal 6/07)

Janet and Tracy,  I think I wrote my earlier message to the wrong address.  Let me say that you guys rock!  I have never, ever received such wonderful huge and healthy 'bands' before like these!  I posted on the rose forum but I shout your praises!   Such great bands, I can't say enough.
Thank you, C.P. (NC 6/07)

I wanted to send you a quick note of thanks-for the great communication and wonderful service.  I was expecting much smaller bushes.  One even arrived with a huge, fully bloomed rose on it.  They are perfect.  I will definitely do business again when we need more roses.

~K.S. (TN 6/07)

Dear Tracy and Janet,
I have just got the roses.  They are in surprisingly good condition.  I have thought the roses would be bare rooted.
Therefore I have been worried about them.  Now I'm so happy to have so fine roses.
I've read so many good comments about Amity Nursery on the US web site.  But these roses are beyond the reputations!
Thank you very very much.   A.F.  (Nagano, Japan 5/07)

Tracy and Janet, thank you for the outstanding experience I've had with Amity Heritage Roses.  Every time I've been in contact with you, I've been pleasantly surprised by your personal attention to my order.  Your customer service is outstanding...  I was a high maintenance customer with specific needs for shipping, and all of my expectations were met and exceeded.  Then when my roses arrived (exactly on time), they were perfectly healthy and undamaged.  And one of them was blooming which was an extra treat!  I will recommend you to everyone with the utmost confidence. 

Thank you very much,  A.L. (MN 5/07)

Hello,Golden Celebration

I had bought 3 Golden Celebration roses from you last year for my wife's Mother's Day gift.  I thought you would appreciate some pictures - one is over 7 feet tall!  The colors are great, as is the fragrance.  The whole family enjoys them.

Your efforts in cultivating first class plants is appreciated!  R.H. (MD order 4/06, email 5/07)

My roses arrived yesterday (picked them up at the post office this morning). Very good size for bands, still moist, nothing broken. Excellent communication. Will definitely order from you again next season. Thank you very much.  S.E. (OK 5/07)
I have ordered from you twice this year & I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the size & the quality of your own-root roses.  My George Burns took off like crazy & is already a little bush.  I just received my two All Ablaze climbers & they look great.  I hope they do well here in my climate.
I used to order all my own-root roses from _____________ here in Oregon, but I will order from you from now on.  The size of yours are at least triple the size of theirs.
Thank you   P.M. (OR 5/07)

This is in reference to an order I received a couple months ago, sorry I haven't written sooner, but I want to tell you how pleased I was with the condition of the plants. I ordered two Daphne, several "Prince Henry" Jap. Anemones, and roses "Emanuel" and "Broadway". Janet had informed me that the Daphne were sub-par but I was happy with them despite their diminutive size. They were healthy and well-shaped. The Anemones were small but have leafed out beautifully, as have the roses.
Thank you very much for a wonderful plant-purchasing experience!

Best regards, R.E. (TX 3/07)

It's o.k. to send Jo's Coat now PLEASE !!  I cant wait !!  My last shipment from you was in such good shape.  The Neptune has already bloomed.  I was greatly suprised at how healthy the plants were. I ordered from a catolog once years ago and recieved twigs and swore I would never do it again.  I am very picky about my roses and am unable to find anything locally that I find worthy of planting so I took a chance ordering from you.  You have a life time customer with me.                                                      C.R. (FL 5/07)

Just wanted to let you know the two Tivoli's and the one Smoky came in great condition. I am very pleased with their size and health. We put the 2 Tivoli's in the rose garden, but put Smoky in a larger pot so that we can bring it to our attatched garage, covered over, for the winter. I hope I can do all that's required so that they will all flourish here. Thanks again! T.P. (OH 5/07)

Hi Janet,
The roses arrived yesterday!! That is only 5 days from CA to Virgin Islands!!! (we did have an 'in' at the post office and were called to pick up at the main post office so technically we got them a day early as they would have been delivered to our offices today by our postal carrier)  WOW, they are great!! so many in bud or bloom and lots of new growth, we are very impressed... a few plants are peppered with yellow leaves [from confinement in a dark box for 5 days] but otherwise, they all arrived safe and sound and are a vision of health!!  You're packing method is brilliant.  Thank you! We are very happy customers!!
L, Mrs. H and G (Virgin Islands 4/07)

Hi Janet,
The roses arrived today.  I am always so impressed at what nice size plants you send, how healthy they are; Ebb Tide is even blooming!  Thank Tracy, this is obviously due to his "obsessive" desire to send out plants only when he feels they are ready, and it is greatly appreciated.  I have received plants from other nurseries that were so small, almost like barely rooted cuttings, that they didn't survive.  Granted, the nurseries would do a replacement, but only once, and the second puny plant would often die as well.  ...  Thanks so much, for all your help and the great new roses...

M.S. (Central CA 4/07)

I received the shipment and I wanted to tell you how healthy and robust the plants are.  Some even were in bud!!  I am following the planting instructions provided.  It's bloody hot here, so waiting a few days for them to adjust is a good thing...Thanks for the beautiful plants and your personalized service.  It really is a pleasure doing business with you.   S.E. (SC 4/07)

Hi, Tracy and Janet ...
I received my rose last Thursday. It looks so healthy! I let it acclimate for a couple of days in semishade and planted it yesterday with lots of organic matter added to the soil as well as bone meal as you suggest in your planting instructions.

Can't wait to see the first bloom! Thanks so much for a beautiful rose and your great customer service.

Regards, K. B. (CO 4/07)

Received my roses on Monday the 23rd. I am so impressed with the way they were packaged for shipment and how they looked when I opened them. Thank you so much, I will certainly order again.   Thanks, J.M. (3 days over the weekend Prioirity Mail! to GA 4/07)

Dear Janet,
Thank you for the beautiful roses which arrived the other day. They are really gallon size plants, and some have buds already or are in bloom. I'm really pleased with them and want you to know that all of the roses that I have bought from you have done really well.

Regards,  J.S. (NorCal 4/07)

Dear Janet,
I just received the plant and I am extremely impressed with the quality of the rosebush and speed of delivery and packaging.  It is awesome.  I will definitely be back to purchase again.  Thank you.  K.C. (MA 4/07)

I just wanted to compliment you on your Talisman rose.  It arrived in wonderful condition and I cannot believe how "mature" and sturdy it is.  Other roses I have ordered arrived looking like sticks!   Thanks for caring about your products. I am happy to recommend you to my friends and wish you well in the future.
T.W. (3/07)

Dear Tracy and Janet,

The roses just arrived and are beautiful!  Definitely worth the wait.  Heritage has an opened rose and most of the Wise Portias are ready to pop also...   Thanks for being such a great nursery. 

Best, R.K. (SoCal 4/07)

Hi Tracy and Janet,
I received both my roses today 4/11/07.  I am amazed how big they are and how healthy looking.  Thankyou.  I've ordered many roses and plants to be delivered by mail and these are the VERY best I have ever received.  Yours Truly,  M.B. (Central CA 4/07)

The rose arrived yesterday and I'm really pleased!! It's in such good shape; the wait till April really paid off!  There's even a blossom for me to admire.
Thanks so much for my beautiful rose,  S.I. (WA 4/07)

Just wanted to say that the plants were GREAT! Such nice large and healthy specimens. Only the gallon one seems to have suffered any from the trip.  I'll be buying from you again!  R.F. (LA 3/07) [AHR note: the gallons can transpire very quickly because of heavy top growth and pots full of roots.  They should revive right after a good drink of water.}

You had said you would be able to ship by end of April.  Unfortunately I was lied to by another seller who said he could ship immediately, charged my credit card, and almost 3 weeks later has not shipped yet.  When would you be able to ship this rose? -  as I may go through the hassle of seeking a CC refund and giving my business to you -
I was very impressed by your prompt and careful execution of my Daphne order.  It is now sitting in a little 3 by 7 plot in the 104th St community garden just off Central Park West here in New York...
Thanks again for the Daphne and maybe we can do some Stainless Steel business too... MDR (NY 3/07)

Hi, Janet --
My roses arrived today and I'm stunned.  I couldn't be more pleased.  They're the biggest and healthiest band roses I've ever received in the mail.  I'll be certain to report that in DG's Garden Watchdog and I'm also going to devote a thread to them in the DG Rose Forum.
Thanks a million, E.V. (NorCal 4/07)

I received the "Topaz Jewel" today.  It arrived in perfect condition and looks great.  I appreciate the quick service and am really impressed with the quality and size of the plant.  Thanks a lot.

C.M. (WA 4/07)

We got the shipment last Friday. Glad that you decided to ship the extra six we needed them. My wife and I are extremely happy that we found you and your husband as a source of our roses. They were all beautiful and in great shape and are in the ground already....
P.R. (SoCal 4/07)

Dear Tracy and Janet,
Just a short note to say Your rose arrived yesterday and is absolutely the healthiest plant I have ever received by mail.  Ann is going to be just delighted.  Looking forward to doing business with you again.    B.G. (WA 3/07)

Hi Tracy and Janet,
The Condesa(s) arrived today.  They are amazing.  Your bands continue to amaze me in their size and quality.  Wish I could learn how to propagate things like that so I could give friends in the area some of our teas...they ask, but I have a very low % rate of survival.  Anyway, you guys are tops.  If you ever decide to propagate Marie van Houtte or Alliance Franco-Russe, give me a holler, because I love ordering from you.
With gratitude and affection,  J.M. (SoCal 3/07)

My order arrived yesterday. In less than an hour we had them planted. We had previously put in 16 bushes. Only the ones from you are all leafed out. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful product.  M.M. (VA 3/07)

The roses are here! The roses are here! They are in excellent condition and I am very pleased. Thank you so much.
C.L. (NorCal 3/07)

Janet, thanks for sending the card to my parents.  They are eager for April when the rose will be delivered and already have a place designated for it.

Thanks again for excellent customer service.  jb (IL 2/07)

Dear Janet,
I decided to try your rose company instead of the ubiquitous ___ because there seemed to be many comments about how much more customer-friendly you were. From your email, I can already see that it's true! How nice of you to offer to send the card ahead. It's for my mother's 80th birthday, and I would so appreciate you doing that.
Thank you very much,  K.G. (OR 1/07)

BJT Cecile Bruner 1st seasonBJT New Dawn 1st seasonHello:

I have been meaning to send these photos for some time. Just wanted you to see what the roses I ordered from you did their first year here in Ohio.
After I ordered them and was awaiting their arrival I contemplated canceling
the order because of the experience I had had with another company the year before. Needless to say, I have [been] very happy that I decided to go through with the order from you. I was happy with the roses as soon as I received them and with the way they really took off, grew and flowered beyond my expectations. I am really looking forward to seeing what they do next summer.

Thanks! BJT (OH 12/06)

I am absolutely thrilled with the 10 or so roses I got from you earlier in the summer. They have grown by leaps and bounds....the healthiest roses i have ever gotten through mail order for sure. I am wondering if you can, either this fall or next spring, get me the following roses...

JA (OR 10/06)

Hi Tracy and Janet,
Just wanted to let you know that the roses I got from you have grown to be absolutely HUGE and are blooming like crazy.  All are healthy, happy and doing great.  Putting them in a "rose nursery" where they are protected from the afternoon sun and heat until next year was just the ticket for them.  I'll be back for a whole bunch of bushes in the spring.
Thank you again.  You are a delight to do business with.
P.C. (CO order 4/06, email 7/06)

My rose bush is doing great, already three blooms since I planted it in around April 29th.  Again, I appreciate you waiting to send it until it was mature enough.  Out of five different rose plants, my Love [from Amity Roses] is doing the best.  Thank you again.  Have a great growing season!!!
A.K. (MO 6/06)

Dear Tracy and Janet:
Thank you, my mother received the package on Thursday, one hour before her gardener arrived.  The gardener complimented you on the roses and manner of shipping.  He said that they arrived in wonderful condition and was amazed with the small containers.  I am looking forward to seeing the rose bushes the next time I visit my Mother.  Thanks again, they were the perfect gift, my Mother loves them.  V.J. (CA 5/06)

Dear Tracy and Janet,

A few weeks back, my wife and I ordered three Carefree Sunshine Roses from you.  Your emails were warm and prompt.  The roses arrived exactly as scheduled and when we opened them it was obvious that they were packed with great loving care. Your instructions were thorough and easy to understand for new rose initiates like my wife and I.  Our landscape contractor (who did the actual planting) was quite impressed with the quality and health of the plants especially after having traveled all the way from California to South Carolina.  They started blooming immediately and have not stopped since.

When someone gives us exceptional service and value, we like to take a moment and let them know how much we appreciate it. So here's a great big "THANK YOU" to Tracy and Janet and Amity Rose & Garden Nursery. It has been an outstanding pleasure doing business with you.

Sincerely, A. & C. L.  (SC shipped 3/06, note 5/06)

Hi, I just wanted to let you know I got your roses today and was amazed at how great they look. Some even had blooms, which I wasn't expecting.  I can't wait to see how well they grow this year.  I will definately recommend you to anyone wanting to buy roses.  Here in Michigan, I have always had the problem of the rootstock often coming up in the spring and the graft not doing so well.  I'm excited to not have to worry about that anymore. 
Thanks again, C. B. (MI 5/06)

AMAZING!!! These look incredible!  I'm accustomed to receiving a 5" twig.  I have ones I received a year ago that are just now getting this big, and ones I received 6 months ago that are only half this size!  I am stunned with how healthy these are and how well packed!  Usually others are covered in mold/mildew and I struggle to keep them alive.  Yours REALLY make it WORTHWHILE to order. 
Much Aloha,  M.C. (Hawaii 4/06)

Dear Janet,
The 3 roses you shipped Tuesday arrived today. All had big buds and were wonderful looking. So did all the others I ordered this year (6 total), the Duchesse de Brabant came with 4 big blooms!!!
Thank you again, Janet. Your company is impressive. I have certainly enjoyed looking at your website, choosing roses, corresponding with you and I have given your name to other gardeners.
Best wishes, K.W. (OR 4/06)

Dear Janet,
 Got my new roses. They were packed beautifully and they look fantastic!  I'm very pleased.  Thank you.   A. C. (NorCal 4/06)

Hi you two,
I received my order today, the is wonderful, thank you! Honestly I don't see a thing wrong with the size though I do appreciate the discount. It's blooming! LOL and smells so good :) Just had to email and let you know how pleased I am with it, thank you so much!  Regards, D.T.  (SC 4/06)

 The roses came today! :) It is always fun unpacking...I'm very excited to have gotten another big order and can't wait to get them in the garden and to start enjoying them. And they are so pretty...AD still in bloom as is Ghislaine.
Thanks a lot, have a good wknd.  K.C. (UT 4/06)

Now this is what I call premium packaging! I was very pleased with the condtion of the plants and the care given to their transport welfare.
Thanks again,  L.W. (TX 4/06)

Hi Janet,
I received my roses today and they are beautiful!  Some are already blooming, so I was doubly surprised.  And, thanks for the amazing packing job!
J.T. (PA 4/06)

The roses arrived and they are beautiful and in excellent condition.  I am very impressed and will recommend you to other gardeners.
Thank you so much,  O.L. (NY 4/06) 

Janet and Tracy,

Thanks so much for sending these beautiful roses.  I'm absolutely unreservedly delighted!  They were very well packed - not so much as a
broken leaf!  And blooming!  Did I say I was delighted??

Thanks again.  A.N. (SoCal 4/06)

I have an American Rose Society membership...I recently received my shipment from you. I found you through Dave's Garden website. I have been buying roses from a variety of high-end sources for many years. I was/am extremely impressed with the health and size of your own-root roses. I will never buy roses anywhere else again.

Great job! I will sing your praises to all I know who love gardening.  Thanks J.H. (RI - note came with another order 4/06)


I've got the rose.  In perfect condition.Good packaging.  Im looking forward to see it bloom and grow !
Thanks... Greetings,  J. S. (The Netherlands, 4/06)

Hi Janet,
The roses came today and they are awesome!
Cheers,  L.P. (WA 4/06)


Earlier this week I purchased 8 Carefree Sunrise rose bushes from your company.  I received them yesterday and they look terrific!  I was very pleased with their condition considering the toll that shipping and lack of sun/water can have on live plants.  We will be planting them this weekend....

T.W.  (KY 4/06)

Hi, folks.

Recieved the roses today, and I have to tell you, they are BEAUTIFUL!  I had pretty high expectations to begin with, but these roses absolutely exceeded them.  I can't imagine getting roses anywhere else after this.

Thanks so much,  R.G. (NY 3/06)

Last year was not a very good one for Central Ohio. A severe drought during the summer, killed many plants, trees, and roses, already under stress from the winter ice storm. When I planted the (4) roses purchased from you, my husband held out little hope for their survival. A great many things did not make it, but I'm so happy to report that all (4) babies from you are already budding out. Can't thank you enough.

C. H. (note sent in with an order for 2006)

My Belles just arrived via UPS and they are in wonderful shape and have already exceeded my expectations.  Thank you so much for your patience and persistence in helping me get these.  I am really excited and cannot wait to get them in place.  We are having a cold rainy day through tonight and tomorrow a.m.  As soon as this has passed they will go into the ground and await our spring sunshine.

I am going to your website this evening to look at your other beauties, so will be back in touch.  I'm also going to tell my rose-loving friends about you.  Thanks so much and I look forward to communicating with you again soon.

Have a wonderful day!  J. G. (NC 3/06)

Thought you might like to know that your BEAUTIFUL plants arrived in OUTSTANDING condition today.  They are all potted up and watered and HOPEFULLY making "new friends" with other roses.

Thank you soooooooooooooooo very, very, very much.  Rest assured that I shall pass along Amity Heritage Roses to all of my "roseaholic" friends.

Sincerely,  D.G. (central Cal, 3/06)

The Pure Mystery arrived in good shape, thanks. I'm kicking myself.... I should have also got a Midnight Blue. Oh well, there's always next time.
Thanks J.C. (OK 2/06)

The roses arrived yesterday in perfect condition. As always, I was delighted.
Can't wait for blooms.

Thank you  N.C.  (No Cal 2/06)

Dear Janet and Tracy,
Your roses (2 Eugène de Beauharnais and 3 Francis Dubreuils) arrived today.  Mamma mia!  They are amazing... I'd forgotten the vigor and quality of your stock.  When I got the wrapping off...I just laughed.  Your 6" bands are about 4 times larger than the _______ stick (from another nursery) I planted in November and have *willed* to live, which is just now showing us some dainty new red shoots...hope springs eternal.
God bless both of you and thanks for offering such fantastic quality!
J.M. (So Cal, 2/06)

Tracy & Janet,

Just want to thank you for all your assistance in getting my order placed and shipped.  I received my plants yesterday - they are in beautiful condition...I will be ordering more in the future.  Thank you again, I really appreciate it.

P.D. (Macau 2/06)

Just to let you know, your roses do very well where I live (near Mission Dolores) in San Francisco. I have Souvenir de la Malmaison and she is wonderful - never black spot, rust or mildew and bloomed like crazy the first year even starting from a band!  Yolande D'Aragon also does really well and is an impressive rose as is Sunsprite.  The only problem I have is with Fragrant Cloud - perpetually besieged with rust and what not, but it blooms none the less.  I am looking forward to the additional roses I have ordered for this Spring.  Thanks again, I enjoy your new online catalog.

Best,  A.O. (1/06)

Hi Janet - Just wanted to let you know that despite getting stuck at the post office for three days over the Veteran's Day holiday, Morden Sunrise came through like a champ. It lost just a few leaves, and is now dealing with wind and higher temperatures, still looking great. I'm impressed with this rose and your company. As soon as I can figure out where to put more roses, I'll be back. Thanks,

D.S. (So Cal 11/05)


Thank you so much for the information ....  Keep in touch.  It's wonderful to have customer service such as's above and beyond the call!!!  After my day today, it was so welcome!!!

K. K. (IL 11/05)

I bought about 6 roses from you a month ago (roughly) and I'm thrilled with them. They have all settled in well and two have actually bloomed. I'm getting my list together for next year and will watch your site through the year until it's time to order. If this is the kind of quality and service you have, I hope to be a lo-o-ong term customer. I'm also telling others about you.
S. H. (IL 7/05)

Janet...Just wanted to let you know that I received the order of roses this afternoon. When I opened the boxes, I was totally impressed by the caring manner in which each rose was prepared for shipment. A superlative job, I must say. As an old timer who has been ordering plants by mail for half a lifetime, I don't think I would be far off by saying that I have never seen such excellence in wrapping and shipping before. I have also ordered own-root roses before, and they usually have been half (or less) the size of yours. I look forward to ordering more from you next season, as my wife and I are in the middle of a major construction and remodeling which is putting a hold on much of my gardening plans for awhile, but I did not want to miss out on a whole growing season before construction is done. So in the interim I will be tending your roses carefully to get them through the summer so I can enjoy them for the years to come.
Thanks again for the special touches. .....J. K. (AZ 6/05)

Tracy and Janet,

Just wanted to let you know that the roses arrived today in great shape, Thank You.  As a member of the Connecticut Rose Society and a grower of primarily old vintage roses I will highly recommend your company to the members.  Looking forward to future orders from you.

Thank you again,

J. A.  (CT 6/05)

You sold me several roses.  I hoped I would be lucky enough to have some of the bloom sometime this summer.  I am pleased to report that all the roses are prospering, and two already have large buds.  They will bloom within a week.  One of the blooming roses is an "English Miss".  It was so shrimpy you gave me a discount on it.  Lo and behold, it was the first to show a bud.  The other is an "Apricot Nectar".  Just thought you would like to know.
J. E. (Kansas City, MO 5/05)

Dear Janet and Tracy,
The dozen roses I had ordered from you arrived today, just two days after you mailed them out.  Boy was I surprised!  I never imagined roses could come out of a box looking this good .  They are all BEAUTIFUL, each one PERFECT!!  And most with a bud or two, waiting to bloom.  I couldn't be happier!  Tracy, thank you for taking such care in the packaging of these gorgeous plants and Janet, thank you for such gracious and wonderful customer service.  I'm thrilled to have found Amity Heritage Roses on the internet and look forward to ordering again!
S. M. (Kailua, Hawaii  5/05) 

Hi Tracy and Janet,

Just a note to say how pleased I am with the bands you sent (SDLM, FDubreuil, Reine des Viol, and Rose de Rescht).  They are about 14" to 16"
tall and doing so well.  

I'm relandscaping and haven't quite figured out if I have enough space for the roses I HAVE, but I'm looking forward to ordering more from you if
there's a possibility.  

Thanks so much!
A. N. (southern CA, 5/05)

  Hello Tracy and Janet,
               The roses arrived today and when I got home I opened the boxes.  They all look great and for a yr old cutting they are much superior than what I got from (______ and ______) both from Oregon at higher prices. Yours are so much more robust and more developed.  At present I have about 190 roses of different cultivars. I am looking to the performance of your roses in the next 2-3 yrs.
Thank you very much ...

With Gratitude, J. Z. (northern CA, 5/05)

The Chihuly rose arrived today and it's a very nice plant! The wife has ordered from nurseries and received small cuttings in bad condition.   But this one is great. If you do all your plants like this, I'll be back for more.
J. C. (OK, 5/05)


I wanted to let you know that I received my two roses ('America' and 'Della Balfour') last week.  They arrived in great shape and are acclimating well.  I've ordered plants through the mail several times in the past.  I'm really impressed with how vigorous these roses look.  In fact, the 'Della Balfour' plant already has a flower bud on it. 

I can't wait until they climb and bloom away!

Thank you,
C. B. (UT  5/04)

I just wanted to let you know that the roses arrived last night and they
are GORGEOUS!!  Much bigger than I expected, so I was very pleasantly
surprised. I'll definitely order from you guys again - thanks so much.

N.R. (Colorado, 5/05)

Just wanted to say that not only did my two roses arrive in perfect
condition, but that they are so healthy and robust that one already has
blooms (The Velchenblau) and both roses are growing like kudzu!. . Thanks
for a offering such a great product. I will be a continuing customer and
will recommend your Amity Heritage Roses to anyone.

S.A. (Georgia 2/05, emailed 4/05)

Of all the rose nurseries (10) I ordered from over the last year, I've been happiest with your roses, from healthy, large plants to quick, protective shipping to superb, personalized customer service.
Thanks so much for your efforts... Anytime you need a reference, feel free to let me know.  I am thrilled with your service.
Best Regards,
S. H. (Renton, WA 4/05)

Just want to say that the roses arrived Thursday in excellent condition. My roses just started to show some green this week - and when you sent me these fully leafed out plants, it just blew my mind.

Thanks very much.

W.B. (New York, 4/05)

Hello again, Janet -  Just wanted to let you know that my rose arrived today in perfect shape.  Thank you so very much - it has been a pleasure dealing with you.   ~ T.L. (Nevada, 4/05)

Dear Janet, Our roses in Japan!

Hello!   Finally all of your roses were delivered !!  The roses which I ordered were delivered very quickly (on March 27th), though,  the roses which Yuko ordered took a few days for custom clearance and delivered today!!

Herewith I attached the photo of your roses in my garden on March 27th.  They were delivered in very good condition!!     For the strange climate, we just had snow on March 25th.   So it was very lucky to be able to receive the roses after that freezing day!!  They look pretty fine and getting used to the difference of the temperature.

Thank you so much for good roses and price reduction of shipping fees (refund of overcharged estimate)!!   I will send the pictures of your roses in near future.

Hope all of your family (including animals) are fine and enjoying happy gardening.

Best Regards,
R. Y.  (Fukui, Japan 3/05)

Dear Janet,

Just wanted to let you know my roses arrived today. They are fabulous and well worth the wait! Also just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the packaging. Very well packaged, but not impossible to get the roses out of.  Please let me know if you are going to grow any more of the old hybrid teas (I am a collector of these).

You have a life long customer here.
Thank you again for everything,

H.G. (Florida 3/05)

The roses have arrived and have been planted in the places I reserved for them.  As always, the most beautiful bands I have ever seen, with healthy roots as well as gorgeous tops.  Thanks once again!

P.H. (Cupertino, CA 3/05)

I received my rose order last week. I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the health and size of the roses. The Marie Pavie is already blooming!  And the Big Purple rose made my aunt's birthday great--she's been looking for that rose for several years.

Have a great day and thanks for the roses!

M. C. (Vancouver, WA 3/05)


Just wanted you to know that the roses all arrived fine last week.  As always, I was impressed with the size and healthiness of the roses that you sent.  I only deal with a few nurseries, yours being one, and all have gone to shipping band-size plants, but yours are by far consistently larger, with more leaves and even buds by the time I get them.  I'll look forward to having these new roses in my garden.
Thanks again...

M. S. (Davis, CA, 3/05)

Your roses are the healthiest I've received from any mail order company.

Thank you for offering them.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and I hope to deal with you again soon.

Best wishes,

A. L. (San Diego, 3/05)

Dear Tracy and Janet,
I received my two roses today.  They are the prettiest own-root roses I have ever ordered.   I'm looking forward to the time when they bloom.  The wait was worth it.
T.H. (Alabama, 3/05)

Just wanted to say thank you for how wonderfully the rose plants arrived today.   I have ordered from other companies but yours by far are the best looking plants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 

One Very Happy Customer,
J. H. (Napa, CA, 2/05)

>Tracy and Janet,
>Received my last rose from the order this week. They all look beautiful.
>I ordered a number or roses, hybrid musk and rugosa, from several
>sources to test which roses do best in my area. Once I determine which
>roses I want to plant along the house, I will be ordering them all from
>you as the plants you deliver are simply the best.
>Take care.
>K.K. (Southern California, 5/04)

>Dear T & J:
>I am a long time gardener dealing with the best mail order companies in the
>-Forest Farm
>This is my first year buying roses I tried two companies, yours and a
>competitor.  Yours are by far the best plants! I am very impressed and will
>only buy roses from you in the future.
>R.E. (Nebraska, 5/04)

>Subject: Seeing is believing-your roses are WOW!!!
>Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tracy and Janet Sclar,
>      Only great quality roses such as AHR's could have survived the ordeal my order has gone through - being shipped to
>another country, handling and inspection by Customs officials, and repackaging.  My roses arrived exactly a week after.
>It came as a total surprise to find some nice blooms and fat buds waiting to burst open when I opened the package, not
>to mention the intoxicating fragrance from Deuil de Dr. Reynaud!  I'm sure the lovely sight and fragrance knocked the
>socks off of the Customs officer as well!  (Too bad I wasn't the first recipient!)

>      After only 4 days of being in a shaded but bright spot and watered everyday, the whitish young tips bounced back to
>green healthy ones.  The buds on Pure Mystery and Francis Dubreuil bloomed and I readily cut them for indoor use.
>      The biggest surprise of all came when it was time to repot them.  Blame it on ignorance and lack of experience - I was
>expecting a few puny roots on the bands, but, no - they are plenty and long and healthy.  It is amazing how firmly they are
>anchored to the soil medium!  Now I am a big fan of own-root bands!
>       The TLC that you gave these roses from growing them down to the careful and efficient packing surely puts to shame
>grafted roses from big-name companies.*
>        Thank you very much and here's wishing you more success to your wonderful endeavours!
>Sincerely,  C.I. (Japan 5/04)
>*  This year, as a rose gardener, I took a big plunge and started importing roses (aside from AHR,,  from another
>US-based rose co. and 1 rose co. fr. France).  My order from that other US co. got switched and was sent to another
>customer. The grafted roses were just bundled up and placed in a big plastic bag.   The roses from France were the horror
>of horrors -  all tied up and placed directly into the box!  As expected most arrived looking like raisins!

>I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my roses.  I wish I had found you before I had ordered from another
>vendor because your roses are much bigger and healthier and I am so excited to see how they grow.  I will defintiely be
>ordering next year.
>Again Thanks.
>M.G. (Utah 5/04)

>Hello Janet,
>    The roses arrived today (exactly as you said).  I cannot tell you how
>thrilled I am about the quality of these plants.  They are beautiful!  You
>have been wonderful to do business with and I am going to tell all of my
>friends about the superior quality of your plants and service!  Thank you
>once again!
>B. C. (Burney, California, 5/04)

>I wanted to compliment you on the beautiful roses I recently received from Amity Heritage Roses.  I have been
>purchasing own-root roses for a number of years, from numerous mail order sites, and yours are by far the best I've
>received.  Healthy, good sized, well packaged plants.
>L.F. (Washington state 4/04)

>Newspaper and string tied in bows! So easy to open and environmentally
>sensitive, glad you've rediscovered this retro packaging and hope more
>people do. And my roses arrived in beautiful shape-- M. Tillier had a bloom
>fully opened and unsquashed, and the Heritage has a big fat bud ready to
>open. Thanks also for your detailed acclimation directions--the weather is
>cooperating, it's cooled down and supposedly we're due for rain about the
>time I'm going to transplant.  Thanks for gorgeous healthy roses.
>S.O. (Nevada City, CA 4/04)

>The roses came.  They look healthier than any of the other roses I recieved from other shops when I initially received
>them.   I put them in the ground this week with help from my sweetie complete with an addition to the drip system.  I
>ordered the Gloire de Dijon from you because the one I had gotten from elsewhere didn't look like the right bloom... yours
>does however and it is so exciting.  The little Portland Indigo came much bigger than I had thought and is now looking
>content in a place of honor.   I hope they do well...  Best of luck to all.
>A.B. (San Francisco 3/04)

>Tracy and Janet,

>Apricot Nectar arrived today.  It really looks good.  I've watered it and put it on the patio.
>Thanks for the quick service and producing a wonderful looking plant.

>S. M. (Glendale, CA 3/04)

>Tracy and Janet,
>Just a quick note to let you know that my order
>arrived today in perfect condition.  Thanks ever so
>All the best,
>C. O. (Palm Springs, CA, 3/04)

>My order today. I'm soooo happy. I don't know what you
>guys do to your roses, but you have the best bands of any of the vendors
>I've purchased from. And my gallon Cornelia...its blooming!
>Thanks again and I look forward to purchasing from you next year.
>J. L.
>North Bend, WA (5/03)

>Dear friends,
>I've ordered roses from more mail order concerns than I can count and I'd feel
>remiss if I didn't write to compliment you on the extraordinary care that clearly
>went into packing/shipping my order. I can say without hesitation that although
>there have been a few that have met your standards, none has exceeded them, nor
>would that seem possible. Additionally, I was thrilled to open the box with Deuil
>du Dr Raynaud inside to release a delicious fragrance emanating from a plant that
>had two large blooms and three more good size buds on it. I was so impressed that
>I immediately took photos and have attached three for your enjoyment. Please feel
>free to use this note and/or the photos in any way you wish. I look forward with
>pleasure to ordering from you next season.
>With thanks and warm regards,
>C. O.
>Palm Springs, CA (8/02)

>Dear Amity Heritage Roses,
>Today I received the roses that I ordered. They are in excellent condition.
>In fact, they are some of the finest roses I have ever received. They have
>excellent root systems. I planted three of them this evening. The Cecile
>Brunner, Thisbe, and Hippolyte roses look like they have always been
>in the flower garden. In my opinion, the old roses have a charm that
>hybrid teas can't match...I am very pleased with my order from
>Amity Heritage Roses.
>M (Oklahoma '00)

>Thanks for the quick response. Does your company ever sleep? or is
>there trace elements of caffeine in rose plants that no one has
>discovered yet? :)
>Any way, I just wanted to tell you how much I love the "mystery
>mauve HP." That little baby bloomed several times in its first season
>and it is beautiful. I can't wait to see what it does this season.
>Also, I have ordered plants from all around the country, and your
> roses are the best! The care you give can easily be seen.
>Thanks again,
>C.A. (Pennsylvania '03)

>Dear Janet and Tracy,
>The rose arrived in perfect condition and got plopped into the ground
>immediately. Thank you for your kind attention to the details
>throughout, and for such a high quality specimen. An added bonus is
>the plethora of impending blooms...I look forward to the Spring and more roses.
>Best regards,
>J. G. (Massachusetts 9/01)

>Dear Janet and Tracy,
> The rose plants have arrived. They are strong and beautiful. They will
> do well in my garden and in my friend's yard.
> They arrived without any bruises or cuts: obviously they were well
> "packaged" and so well treated at your nursery.
> This says a lot about a family-owned rose nursery like yours. I
> certainly will recommend you to our gardener friends in Virginia and
> I'll be in contact with you for ordering more roses from you.
> Thankfully yours,
> C. '00

>The box of roses arrived today around lunchtime, un-crushed(!). The
>babies have all been planted and watered and mulched. They look really
>nice...We are very pleased with the nice job you did packing and the size
>and condition of the order. It has been very nice working with you online as well.
>I won't hesitate to order more and to recommend Amity to others.
>K. (Maryland '01)

"Thank you so very much for all your efforts and help in making the Anniversary Day project a success! I appreciate it very much!

C." (South Dakota '00)

"Dear Tracy and Janet,

This letter of appreciation comes because a phone call did not seem appropriate to show how impressed I am with the precious rose you sent - Mme. Louis Leveque. What a beauty! And with 3 fuzzy buds ready to bloom! It is in the garden now that spring has arrived to Minnesota. Thank you for such a healthy specimen. I will do my best to ensure it a long happy life.

J." '01

"Enclosed is the check for my next order. I just wanted to tell you again how impressed I was with the condition and size of 'Francis Dubreuil' and 'Catherine Mermet' especially after their cross-country jaunt!... Your others that I have planted recently are growing like crazy...Thanks again for your gracious assistance with my purchases.

A." (North Carolina '01)

>Dear Tracy and Janet:
>Thanks for my recent order of an Austin Tamora. So healthy and
>large, it outclasses all my other roses ordered [from others] this year
>or last!
>A. (Indiana '02)

> Dear Mr. And Mrs. Sclar,
>I just wanted to report that yesterday I received the roses that you sent
>me and they are vigorous and arrived in great shape. I also wanted you
>to know that I really appreciate the fact that you kept me informed about
>delivery schedule and shipping date.
>Thank you,
>R. M. (Oregon '02)

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